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Hello Dear friends.

My name is Kimiko Chong I am the owner of Closeup Wholesale.

I finally am ready to take over Blogging Section myself As I see now this is what's best I can offer to all my peers.

In my position, I have the ability and opportunity to make a lot of money.

I serve both big and small partners all over the world.

To be completely honest, some deals I make a good amount.

and what I really really am passionate about more than making money is to make sure that my next-generation babies are safe, well, and have more than enough.

I was going back and forth asking myself.

Once I have so much money what am I going to do with it?

I always know that the Ultimate answer is to share ways of living or creating careers or sources of income for my people in need. I once thought, To create more people (or partners) who can run a business just like me will help everybody!

But as time goes, more and more learning experiences and misdirection. I found that it's not an answer. I couldn't possibly think of a business model and hand it to my friend and say "Hey! here is now your life's path to be success happy and abundance now! Follow my direction, use my resources and you will be ok!!" It didn't work out that way. Everyone has their own path and purpose, Everyone is unique and has such a variety of differences to offer to the world.

So, My final solution "was" to use the profit to create children's books that spread the knowledge and mindset of how to make it to the point that you can enjoy life and dwelling in ease and comfort and pass on the skill that we are taught to forget.

Because I believe that, mindset is everything and the only thing we need to get the life that we really want.


I am ready to step in my full power to create change in my beloved planet now!

Not when I have enough a lot of money

Not when I become Famous

Not when I can convince people to listen to me through success.

Not when I have a brand of myself and putting my message on the products.

I am ready NOW.

I know

What I have to share, what I have overcome, and how valuable it can be for others.

So yeah :D

It's my new journey - to change the world starting in the very corner of my own business space. :)

I am excited to be here.

Thank you for reading dear.


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