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Sharing is Caring

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Today I feel like expressing myself through blogging.

"Sharing is Caring"

This phrase has been in trend for a while now.

It's not just a phrase; to me, it's a message, a new mindset for humanity to grow on, The foundation.

The basic idea is to share your time, energy, resources with someone you care about. However, I would like to share a different interpretation.

Here is how I see it,

Care is an act of prolonging and nourishing one's state of health

if you care for a tree, you give it all that it needs to grow,

Good sun exposures, Good water, Good nutrient soils, and more.

You deliver what is mandatory for its state of flourishment.

As a human, we do have basic needs, physically and beyond.

A big part of our existence dwells upon the need to be recognized and accepted ( Psychologically, Emotionally, Spiritually).

When we want something and someone 'Know us' 'See us.'

'Allow us to have that certain needs at a certain time' and 'Willing to give it to us without judgment' that's when our needs shall be satisfied.

Sometimes, we don't just do things because it's the right way to do them.

Sometimes, we do things because our subconscious mind feels safer to do it that way.

It feels safer for your inner child to act unreasonable, and someone is still there for us, giving us love unconditionally.

And it feels more satisfying when the need to have it our way is met.

To me,

Caring for someone is to trust that they can handle the steering wheel regardless of what direction we are heading.

Care enough to share the lead role of the situation with others and know that we all just crave safety from being in control anyway.

Humans are complicated yet most uncomplicated.

When we are hungry, we need to eat.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Feed the hungry mind of your own and others.

It doesn't take all of what you have to make one's soul feel the shift in consciousness.

However, to do so, it takes strength and courage to let go of your own fear of not being in the safe zone and not being satisfied.

We were taught that there is only one "Open spot" for the winner, And there is only one "Open spot" in front of the line.

That's why it wasn't easy to share, to care, to meet the needs of ourselves and others.

We collectively believe that something gotta go, someone gotta leave the scene, And if we don't accumulate, we might run out.

Good news!

It's 2022 now, Where everything is evolving at such a rapid rate.

Everyone and everything is in exchange for resources. No one needs to wait in line to get served first anymore. The variety and number of possibilities are exponentially expanding than ever!

We are now experts at extracting energy from the eternity movement of life, the sun, the wind, the waves, and all.

What else can we, humanity, come up with? Only God knows.

So, why stay in fear? In lack? In uncertainty?

In this Era, We are ensured to have food, shelter, and

human connection everywhere we go, and emotional needs are highly substitutable.

(Worst come to worst in times of real danger, the body is just one temporary temple of the souls anyway.)

We don't really need symbolic items or specific lifestyles or achievements to be at peace.

We only need to let go of things we hold on so tight, misunderstanding that it can bring us happiness, to find happiness.

We can extract peace and satisfaction from everything we do, everywhere we go. So, let the control slip out of our grips and reach for the least resistance options instead.

Of course, it may look different in physical forms, but you will still enjoy the sweet taste of the same vibration frequency.

When we can share with ourselves "The Control" that part of us are holding on so tightly, we can then share what others need.

Right now, I am sharing my control with myself.

I let go of myself, who needs to perform well.

I let go of myself, who needs to write correctly in English.

I let go of myself, who needs to prove that my idea is correct.

I let myself express, regardless of the direction this would lead.

I am now able to share my mindset with you; as I meant to do.

(Almost leave this in draft forever lol )

I care for you, your family, your next generation.

I care for OUR next generation, TOO, as much as you do.

Caring is Sharing.

Cheers for the brightest future yet to come!

Thank you for reading.


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