Updated: Apr 17, 2020

KN95 MASK is one of the most reliable and sought after masks currently in the market. FDA certified, with four layers to assist in the protection against the unfortunate world pandemic of COVID-19 virus.

  • KN95 is Cleanable and reusable making it the most affordable option in mask variations. ( Recommend times of use 2-3 times, The best way to clean a reusable mask is using a disinfectant that contains at least 70° of alcohol) HERE IS PROPER WAY TO CLEAN IT

  • The PM2.5 mask is designed with 4 layers preventing droplets, dust, bacteria, smoke, germs, and viruses from entering your breathing pathways. The added benefit of filtering pollution is quite necessary for those living in highly polluted cities.

  • The 4-dimensional shape allows more air to flow and helps you feel better in the situation where you need to wear the mask all day long.

Prof David Heymann CBE, a World Health Organization (WHO) adviser, said, “I think that wearing a mask is equally effective or more effective than distancing."

Who would benefit from using this?

Masks are currently vital and mandatory to the development of the world and the prevention of the spread of this virus/pandemic we’re all faced with. From our grandparents and children to the homeless man on the bus stop should be afforded one while we navigate through this hardship together.


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F.D.A. to Allow Use of KN95 Masks Approved by China.


"There are slight differences in their specifications, like a variation in the maximum pressure the masks must be able to withstand as a person inhales and exhales.

The C.D.C. lists KN95 masks as a suitable alternative when N95s are not available.”

The F.D.A. said KN95 masks were eligible for authorization if they met certain criteria, including documentation that they were authentic.


The FDA Reversed Itself And Has Now Approved KN95 Masks For Emergency Use.


Under a new emergency use authorization, the FDA said that the KN95 devices, which are similar to scarce N95 masks, could be imported into the country and are “eligible for authorization.” It stopped short of giving blanket approval for all of the KN95 respirators — which are certified under Chinese standards rather than US health standards — noting that it would only approve the use of those that meet certain criteria, “including evidence demonstrating that the respirator is authentic.”


The facemask is required by law in some states of the USA NOW!


Governor Murphy signed an executive order requiring all store employees and shoppers to wear face masks or coverings to help fight the spread of COVID-19. The executive order also limits the number of customers that can shop in stores to a maximum of 50 percent of a store’s capacity. The new order takes effect immediately and stands until further notice.


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